about shayogi yoga



Born and raised in northern Manitoba, Shay grew up active in sports and constantly creating from the heart with a passion for art of all kinds. With a background in ice dancing and creative design, yoga comes naturally for Shay. Through yoga, Shay believes when you connect the mind + body you will have a better HEALTH + SELF AWARENESS.

SHAYOGI YOGA provides 60 minute Hatha-based yoga classes with a variety of yoga props, within the south Winnipeg communities and neighborhoods. Weaving mindful meditations and truly beginner-friendly, SHAYOGI YOGA offers clear and concise cues, creating a space to destress and be your authentic Self. SHAYOGI YOGA believes there is no room for ego on the mat but instead is an environment that is about (inner) Self.


What people are saying about Shay

“I’ve been feeling super grateful for you and the yoga camp you’re offering.  The kids and I really appreciate it.  You’ve created an environment that has really helped with this new part of their life.”

“I learn something new every time I come to class!” — Laurine

"Keep doing what you're doing. You're wonderful!" — Emily

"Her calmness and self-awareness, teaching others to do the same, has 'Shay' written all over it"

"Shay can be counted on to be compassionate, but still put the truth forward. "