yoga etiquette


Yoga etiquette

Yoga is about doing what’s right for your body, in the present moment. This doesn’t mean you should be answering “urget” texts in the middle of your class! See below for some more helpful yoga etiquette tips.

  • Do not wear shoes

    • If you can’t take your shoes off before coming in to the room, please leave them directly inside the door or place footwear in a plastic bag if you absolutely need to bring them with you.

  • Turn off your phone

    • Anything that rings, dings or buzzes, please turn off. This is out of respect to the instructor, other students and yourself. You have committed to an uninterrupted yoga practice, don’t rob yourself and others of this quality time on the mat. Use this time to reconnect with your inner Self. If you need to have your phone with you, please turn it to vibrate and let the instructor know you are expecting a very important call/message. If you need to answer a call/message, quietly leave the room, as to not disrupt the class. Please reenter in the same manner.

  • Don’t step on other’s mat

    • A yoga mat becomes a very personal space. Do not sit, step on or over someone’s mat (unless given the go-ahead), just as you wouldn’t wear your shoes in someone’s home.

  • Check your ego at the door (or forget about it entirely!)

    • I often talk about “there is no room for ego on the mat”. What this means is, do not let your ego get in the way of an honest and humble practice. Do not compare yourself to others around you (they aren’t you!!), or even compare yourself to your “old” self… what you used to be able to do, or what you think you should be able to do. This is not accurate and won’t help you.

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early

    • Give yourself enough time to find a spot and settle in, avoiding rushing in to the room like a bull in a China shop, disrupting the energy and those around you. This also gives your mind and body a few minutes to relax, collect your thoughts and find stillness before class begins.

  • Be aware of your space

    • Place your mat strategically so as not to take up “two spots”. Sometimes spaces is limited and we want everyone to feel comfortable. Please keep your belongings close by your mat and avoid dumping your stuff in to another person’s “bubble”.

  • Be responsible for the energy you bring

    • Practicing non-violence (ahimsa in Sanskrit) means coming into a space in a peaceful way. Gossip, anger, complaining, and negative attitudes are best to be forgotten. Speaking, acting and thinking in a gentle manner respects those who come to yoga for a safe, uplifting and truthful environment. Hopefully, practicing non-violence in every way (not just in the literal sense) on and off the mat, will find its way to other aspects of our lives!

  • Put away props

    • Please clean up your area just as it was, spray props down with cleaner and place neatly back where you found them.